These are the reasons why men want both B*ttocks

These are the reasons why men want both B*ttocks

We’ve always wondered why men are so attracted to women’s glutes. Until recently it was a true mystery. But now we show you the eight reasons why this really happens.

Recently a study has given a possible explanation of why many men prefer women with voluptuous butts. It was found that, for evolutionary reasons, the preference tends to women with curved backs of 45 degrees, that is to say with an increase in the curvature of the spine which in turn makes the buttocks more prominent.

The attraction, according to the study, is because this type of anatomy allows women with a low back with this curvature to maintain their normal mobility throughout their pregnancy without risking injury. The researchers believe that this finding may, in some way, explain why many men tend to prefer women with these characteristics.

The curved back of a pregnant woman is proportional to the possibility of balancing her weight, meaning that a back that is not curved at 45 degrees can cause the pressure on the hips, during pregnancy, to increase by up to 800 %, and this can lead not only to remain immobile during pregnancy but also to have the risk of serious injury.

In the past, women with this type of body went through less risk pregnancy process and this made them more attractive for reproduction, since they increased the chances of procreation, probably now that thought continues to be rooted in the minds of many mens.