Poor Guy Thought T-Shirt Gifted By Ex-Girlfriend Meant “I Love You”

Poor Guy Thought T-Shirt Gifted By Ex-Girlfriend Meant “I Love You”

Imagine getting a shirt from your ex-girlfriend, with a severe insult written on it in an alien language. And you grace it in public, assuming all the time that it actually is a praise for you. Embarrassing, right? There is a similar story in this article of a very, very unfortunate guy, oblivious to the motives of his ex.

Break-ups happen. Sincerity is a unique attribute and hard to find in people these days. Apart from loyalty, there are many other factors too which contribute to catalyzing the rift between two persons. There are very few rare relationships which survive the rests of time and space, and the challenges of the presence of social media in their lives, family pressures and friends’ opinions. Out of many, only some couples have their “happily ever after”.

Some people are matured enough that they can survive the break-up with grace. They will not keep any grudges and will move on. They will smile back if they ever come across and will not malign each other behind their backs. Their break-up will leave them with bittersweet memories. But some break-ups can be ugly. They will not only make people do weird things but also will leave behind bad memories which are better off erased.

Gifts are a part of every relationship. They are mementoes of a good time spent together. Be it any occasion or a special day, gifts are a way to celebrate your beloved one. People often take a lot of care while choosing a present for their special ones. Gifts strengthen the bond, help communicate feelings which are sometimes not communicated through words. Psychologists say the presenting something to someone has a positive effect. But gifts can go wrong too. Sometimes you can gift someone something which they do not want or is of no use to them. Or you can be mean and deliberately gift someone something absurd.

Social media is a place where people come out and vent about whatever is happening in their lives. Many people share what weirdly absurd gifts they have received in their lives.