See If You Can Pass This Detective Test

See If You Can Pass This Detective Test

Personality is what separates us from each other. Some of us may be sociable and talkative while others are introspective and quiet. While there is no ‘perfect’ personality we can find out a lot more about ourselves and others when we think from someone else’s perspective. 

But regardless of who we are as a person, being vigilant and observant of our surroundings is vital to our health and growth. 

So by undergoing this fun ‘detective test’ we can find out just how observant you really are. 

In this picture, you can see two women sitting across from each other while a child is playing between them. Can you find out which of the women is the mother?

If you guessed the woman on the left then you would have been correct. Mothers are more likely to face towards their child and the woman on the left’s body language shows the readers that her legs are pointed towards her child.