Bullfighter Savagely Gored in Front of Horrified Audience

Daniel Garcia Navarette, 23, was making his debut performance as a bullfighter in Madrid in front of thousands of people when things went horribly, horribly wrong in the arena. Navarette was flipped in the air and fell by the bull, which weighed over 1,000 lbs. As Navarette fell to the ground, the bull gored him with his horns. Navarette was gored in the throat, face and tongue multiple times. As the bull attacked him, he rolled around on the ground, trying desperately to protect himself from further injury. He also suffered damage to nerve tissue and a broken collarbone. The audience watched in horror. Navarette was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. One of the wounds was so deep that it penetrated the roof of his mouth. Assistants rushed into the arena to try to help Navarette, but the bull was uncontrollable. Members of the crowd later remarked that they believed they were seeing Navarette being killed before them.Bullfighting is a violent and bloody sport, and so are the facts and figures that go along with it.


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