What women want men to say during sex

What women want men to say during sex

If you can hear every creak of the bed and the sound of skin rubbing on skin, you might be doing it wrong. Housemates be damned.

But while we generally know that total silence during sex is not a great idea (we do know that, right? Please don’t be pin-drop silent. It’s very disconcerting), attempts to fill that silence can be daunting. Do you let out a moan? Do you do some heavy breathing?

Would it be ridiculous to throw out a ‘you like that?’ or an ‘oh yeah’? The person you’re having sex with asking you to talk dirty just piles on the pressure.

How dirty is acceptable? What’s a sexy word for vagina?

It’s handy to have a couple of phrases in your back pocket you can pull out with confidence. So to help you along in these moments of crisis, a recent survey of 5,000 adults by Forktip went ahead and asked straight women what they’d like a male partner to say in bed.