Girls can be weird and awkward too

Women have stories for days about strange men approaching them, saying really cringeworthy things; some of them would go so far as to say that the men will step up their crazy game to harassment levels.

Let’s not discount women though. Females can make it on to the creepy chart too. Actually, it seems that too many ladies feel that they can get away with threats, groping, and other illegal activity as they flirt with their targets. You won’t believe what these guys were told by women.

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

“You have one year to decide if you’re going to marry me.”
First date – Dinner had just been ordered.
My response: “I’m still trying to decide on a second date…” (ksozay)

Sounds like she knew what she wanted and you two didn’t fit. That’s okay, but I’m sure there is some dude out there who was in a good place in his career and was down to start a family. (TheCrabRabbit)