12 This Simple Move Puts Women in Control, and Guys Love It Too

Did you know about the Cowgirl, the riding position? Well, this is the position wherein the woman is on top while her partner lies on their back or sits while making the physical love act is one such position that is the most popular among people out there.

If you are pondering of experiencing this position or already weigh up yourself an expert, it isn't a bad idea. Nevertheless, you should know first about its pros and cons.


More About This position

More About This position

This position isn't just quite well-known among people as it also proves beneficial for girls to enjoy love-making. It's quite common among expectant couples, females who lately became mother or men is recuperating from an ailment or surgical treatment, for the reason that it enables the female to enjoy more control and men to ease out.

Conversely, some specialists have given the name it the 'most risky physical love act position,' since it also puts men in an exposed position, one that could result in stiffy rupture.

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The 'woman on top' is one of the most popular positions among men.

In 2014, an employee at Women's Health Magazine probed over 800 men about their much-loved position while getting close.