The Influences of Posture and How It Can Affect You for Better or Worse

Has it ever occurred to you that how your posture can affect you. The way you sit at your work or at leisure can affect your mental well-being. Your body will only thank you if you maintain a good posture, it will do more wonders than any face-life or Botox treatment.

However in the modern world of today, we spend much of our time in sitting at desk, driving a car or slouch in front of TV. Even if we don’t have a desk job, many of us are involved in jobs which involve us looking down or maintaining same bent for hours, this results in poor posture, it is only when you have chronic back aches, and you identify your bad posture. 

Find out how posture can affect you:

Spinal Injury

Spinal Injury
Maintaining the same posture causes pressure on the same muscle groups and this result in muscle fatigue. This causes us to slouch or slump forward. The muscles of neck & upper back sustain isometric contraction and become short and tight. The chest muscles also become taut and imbalanced. This causes general aches and local triggers on muscle points. When body tries to rectify the imbalance, it can lead to spinal injury.