Ever Wondered What the Symbols on the Back Of Your iPhone Mean

There is no denying the fact that human mind is quite inquisitive one, and it's always keen to know something it hasn't discovered before. Have you ever wondered about certain questions like what will happen once we all will die or how vast is our galaxy? Well, there are endless questions about which we don’t have answers, but something that I can certainly answer is about the symbols written on iPhone in case you are wondering about them these days.

If you already have iPhone or recently purchased one, then you must have noticed by now that there are some symbols that reflect on the back of your phone every day. Have you ever tried to know what all does symbol means?

Let's try to figure this out.

Symbol on the back side

Symbol on the back side
We see these symbols every day on the back of our iPhone but have never really figured out what they really mean? Although people with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus may not have come across any such symbols on their phone. Well, nothing to worry at all. But, still do you have any idea why these symbols are discontinued in the new iPhone range? Or why they put them in the foremost place? Scroll down to understand the real reason.