Here's Why Women Should Stop Wearing High Heels

High heels are a fashion statement, they make a woman feel attractive and desirable. It makes her look taller, thinner and gives her the confidence to carry herself well. High heels are available in all kinds of wears, from formal office wear to party wear.

However  high heels comes with its own drawbacks as experts says wearing high heels can lead to injuries in ankle, bone or heel  and a lot more of issues with your back bone.

Here’s are some of the important factors which indicate that one should avoid wearing heels

Wearing Heels Can Cause Osteoarthritis in Knees & Feet

Wearing Heels Can Cause Osteoarthritis in Knees & Feet
A study found that wearing two-inch heels places 23 % more strain on the inner knee than wearing flats. This strain pushes the knee forward to accommodate the pressure needed to keep women balanced when they walk or stand. This strain can turn to be too difficult for our knees to bear and one may require a surgery to get rid of this pain.