What Your Walking Style Says About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why people say, first impression is the last impression?

Because the way we talk, laugh, sit, look, or even walk tell lots of little things about who we are, which character has the most influence on us, what we can be, and so on. These things might seem arbitrary to you but they actually unveil some pretty secrets about you.

Sounds crazy! Isn’t it?

Let’s see what does the research and studies of cultural experts and social scientists have to say about our walking styles, speed and stride, and how these things can define our personality or character.

The Driver

The Driver
Such people keep their weight forward and have a quick stride. They are positive, productive, logical, and very intelligent. But your flip side is little cold, competitive, and fiery. Suggestion: Slow down your walk, make eye contact, admire the nature around you, and initiate conversation once in a while. The cold feeling you emit to acquaintance that will go away.